Raisa – Love You Longer

By | September 18, 2023

Intro : C G Am G
        F Em Dm G

C      G             Am         G
 you came into my life unexpectedly
F              Em
 you saw my imperfection
Dm     G
 you saw who i am

C       G         Am
 through all my insecurities
     G       F             Em
you stood by me so i love you
          Dm            G
for the peace that you bring to my soul

Am         G
 high and low
i’ve searched (i’ve searched)
you’re the only one for me

           C                 G
 you’re my person, you’re my home
         Am               G
 you are real, you’re my earth
           F              Em
 you are a million dollar things
           Dm          G
 that you don’t even know..

            C             G
 you’re my sun, you’re my rain
             Am            G
 you’re that twinkle in my eye
        F               Em
 oh i wish i find you sooner
         Dm             G     (C)
 so that i, i can love you longer..

Int. C G Am G
     F Em Dm G

C    G            Am      G
you told me how to feel so beautiful
F       Em
 to forgive all my past
Dm      G
 to accept all my flaws

C        G       Am
 through all my insanities
    G          F
you laugh with me
   Em          Dm
so i love you for
that lightness you bring to my soul

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C         Am
  i’ve searched high
     G          F
and low before you
but time saved the best for last
Am                  G
 i’ve never felt so sure in my life
F            G
 you’re the only one for me

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