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Chord Gitar Arctic Monkeys – Plastic Tramp

Intro F#m C x2 Verse    F#m                              CHe looks as if he hasn’t slept, his hair is purposely unkept   F#m                                   CAnd then he knew his people wept, when you crafted your plan  F#m                                 CThe shadows underneath the eyes, and everywhere the bastard lies  F#m                                   CMy lack of Proof is your disguise, you won’t remember me… Read More »

Chord Gitar Arctic Monkeys – The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap

Intro Dm Bb x2 Verse Dm           BbBlack as a beacon                          Dm          In a river of shimmering fog        BbYes she was Dm                  BbIf you were heat-seeking                   DmShe was hard to ignore         BbYes she was Chorus Gm      BbAnd she snapped     Dm                  F        GmWing mirrors off of Cadillacs       Bb                   DmThe particularly pretty ones Gm   BbAnd that          Dm                      F      … Read More »

Chord Gitar Arctic Monkeys – Bad Woman

Intro EmB A G F# Verse EmWhen you left the house this evening,You said you’d be back in a little whileWell I’ve been waiting for such a long time,         B       A          G      F#And this wait is driving me wild… EmAnd while I wait I think about you,Do you need me when I’m not there?Are you… Read More »

Chord Gitar Arctic Monkeys – Piledriver Waltz

CI etched the face of a stopwatchAmOn the back of a raindropE                                FAnd did a swap for the sand in an hourglass.C                            AmI heard the nun happy ending it sort of sounds like youre leavingE                            F                          CI heard the piledriver waltz, it woke me up this morning.  BREAK                     F                         D            AmYou look like youve been… Read More »

Chord Gitar Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down Acoustic

B                       Eb  So who’s that girl there?Emaj7  I wonder what went wrong             EbSo that she had to roam the streets      Emaj7She don’t do major credit cards    D#m7I doubt she does receipts                     C#m7       C#m7 F# E D#m7 C#m7 D#m7It’s all not quite legitimate B                  Eb  And what a scummy man     Emaj7Just give him half a chance            … Read More »