One Ok Rock – All Mine

By | Juni 8, 2023

Kord Gitar | Kunci Gitar | Chord Gitar | Lirik Lagu One Ok Rock – All Mine

Intro : D C Bm G A

D                        C                  Bm                G       A
All my problems they will run away from you and I see
D                   C                    Bm
All the angels sit and stare at you
G                            A            D
You are everything but not today

Int. D C Bm G A 2x

I’m so down and out
F#m                                   G           A
‘Cause something is wrong without you
When you’re not around
        F#m                    G
Just shadows and rain fall
Wait till tomorrow

I’ll wait

        Just wanna be with you
        Only you
        Bm        F#m    G
        Always you
        A                      D
        You’re so beautiful to
        Me it’s true
        Bm        F#m    G
        Amazed by you
        A                 D
        I think I’m falling

Int. D C Bm G A

Verse 2:
D                     C           Bm                      G          A
All my worries they just sleep in late, lying next to you
D                 C                            Bm
But I fall to pieces and crumble away
G                        A
Today nothing works

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