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Lirik Lagu Sia – Free Me Dan Terjemahan

Arti lirik makna lagu Free Me yang dinyanyikan oleh Sia dan diterjemahkan lengkap ke dalam bahasa Indonesia. Lagu ini rilis pada 9 Juni 2017. Sia Kate Isobelle Furler ialah penyanyi asal Australia yang lahir pada 14 Desember 1975  Lagu Free Me ialah single amal dari Sia yang bertujuan mendukung Abzyme Research Foundation yang meletakkan perhatian untuk… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Butterflies

(Intro) Am C Bb Am C Bb Am C                 Bb                     AmWe’ve been to the top, we’ve been to the bottomC                Bb           AmWe’ve known everything and forgotten, yeahC                 Bb                          AmYou’ve kicked me around, you’ve wrapped me in cottonC                 Bb               AmYou’ve carried our load and you’ve shot ‘em, yeah C Bb Am            C        Bb       AmOh yes… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Beautiful Calm Driving

(Intro) Am E G D x2 Am               E     G          DBeautiful calm driving, deep sea pearl divingAm           E       G           DConstantly unwinding, beautiful calm driving C         FYou turned into anotherC         FYou turned into a nutterC         F           EYou turned into another man         Am           GYou’re a stranger to me        D    C      DYou’re a danger to me        Am           GYou’re… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – My Love

INTRO: Dm  F  C  Dm) Dm    F   C                DmMy love, leave yourself behindDm           F   C                DmBeat inside me, leave you blindDm    F   C                DmMy love, you have found peaceDm             F    C       DmYou were searching for release Bb           F  C         DmYou gave it all, into the callBb             F     C           DmYou took a chance and you took… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Clap Your Hands

Intro:Dm G C FDm G C E AmWell I’ve been           FNeglecting the good things (oh oh woah) AmWell I’ve been desireingFThe good thingsAmI’m biting the lightingFThe good things (oh oh woah) AmI’ve minding what to seeFThe good things Dm       G           CJust let me out of my miseryFoh oh woah Dm        GOn a night like this..C      … Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Death By Chocolate

F          G            Bb        Death by chocolate is mythF         G            Bb     FThis I know because I lived, oh            G            BbI’ve been around for broken hearts and howC/E                  Bb/D         F/ALay your head in my hands little girl  Gm              Am  Gm  F/AThis is only right now F          G            Bb       FDeath by crying doesn’t exist, though          G              BbThe headaches… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Academia

FYou can be my alphabet and I will be your calculatorEAnd together we’ll work out on the escalatorFI will time you as you run up and downEAnd you’ll measure my footsteps as I pleasure this townFThe mean of our heights is divided by the nightsEWhich is times’d by the daggers and the route of all… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Solías Ser

D                    C          A#                C¿Qué pasó con los planes y ambiciones  ya no están que te llevaron al poder? D                C                A#                C¿Qué pasó? no eres el de antes  ya no estas tus promesas olvidaste A#      C                      A#     Cél ya sabe lo que va a ser de ti es una traición F      E       C          A#ya no… Read More »

Chord Gitar Sia – Cellophane

F#m                       BLook at me Im such a basket caseD                             ADelivered to you wrapped in cellophaneF#m                             BWaiting on your doorstep, out your dayD                              ADelivery, a basket filled with pain F#m                       BPatience is your virtue, saint o mineD                             AId have fallen through the cracks without your love tonightF#m                            BIm your groundhog, and I’m skating on thin iceD                             … Read More »