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Shawn Mendes

Chord Gitar Shawn Mendes – Crazy

                 C                 GThink I don’t need a watch to tell the time                  Em                DThink I don’t need the sun to help me shine                  C               GThink I don’t need a girl to be alright             Em   DGuess I didn’t know                   C           GThat I didn’t need shoes on my feet                   Em            DThat I didn’t need a bed… Read More »

Lirik Lagu Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita Dan Terjemahan + Maknanya

Arti lirik Señorita terjemahan lengkap dengan makna lirik Señorita yang dinyanyikan oleh Shawn Mendes bersama Camila Cabello yang rilis pada 21 Juni 2019. Makna lirik Señorita menceritakan ihwal Shawn yang kesengsem dengan Camila, kemudian mereka semakin akrab, tapi hanya sebatas sahabat. Awalnya Camila ingin mengelak , namun alasannya terpikat oleh rayuan dan “sentuhan” dari Shawn yang membuatnya luluh,… Read More »

Chord Gitar Shawn Mendes – Aftertaste Ukulele

Am          F                           CRe-rewind Friday night, never forget it, how you let me goAm           F                                   CNo more lies I’ll be fine, know where I’m headed, probably should’ve known Am                         F                     CAnd now you’re gonna say pretty, please forgive meAm             F                             GFool me once, told you twice gonna regret it, now you’re all alone yeah Am          G                … Read More »

Chord Gitar Shawn Mendes – Air

Chorus:   Am                      D  You, you don’t mean no harm                           F                                   C  But you’re stringing me along and  I don’t have the time to spare       Am                    D  And I, I’m trying hard to breath                          F  But you’re suffocating me                               C This time I’m coming up for air Chorus:  Am                      D  You, you… Read More »

Chord Gitar Shawn Mendes – Air Feat Astrid

[Verse 1]Am                           DNever thought that we would end up hereF                         CShoulda known it from the startAm                           DI know you mean it when you say you love meF                         CBut we’re trying way too hard Am                           DUsed to think that we would last foreverF                         CHow could I have been so wrong?Am                           DNever thought I’d be the one… Read More »

Chord Gitar Shawn Mendes – Aftertaste

Em          C  Re-rewind Friday night, never forget itG                  G  How you let me goEm             C  No more lies I’ll be fine I know where I’m headedG                         G  Probably should’ve known Em                                 C              GAnd now you’re gonna say, “Pretty, please forgive me.”Em              C  Fool me once, told you twice you’re gonna regret itD                       D  Now you’re… Read More »