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Lirik Lagu Demi Lovato – Stone Cold Dan Terjemahan

Stone Cold merupakan lagu Demi Lovato dari album Confident (2015) yang dirilis pada 21 Maret 2016 dan sempat booming kembali sehabis dinyanyikan oleh Daneliya Tulyeshova dalam ajang The Voice Kids 2017. Mungkin sebagian dari kamu belum ada yang tahu liriknya dan mengetahui arti liriknya, untuk itu kali ini akan menciptakan arti lirik Stone Cold terjemahan lengkap yang dinyanyikan oleh Demi… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Without The Love

[Intro]G – D/F# – C9 – C9 [Verse I]GYou pull my strings, and push my soulD/F#You fool my heart with every noteC9You drop the beat, and kiss my faceC9You make me move, then cut the baseC                     DAnd you work so hard to get me, just to let me goC                        DYeah you put me in the… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Open

Intro: F#m G  D Em  A Bm  A Bm x2 Verse 1:G          Em  Spitting fire back    Bmand forth nowG            Em  Times have changed          Bmin just a few monthsG              Em  Neighbors complaining         Bmfrom the figthingG           A  Why can’t things       Bmbe the sameBm  Maybe I’m just aGlittle bit cautious   Aof what I gonnasay when IBmtell you I… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – All Night Long

Intro:Dm        Gm      Am     F      Dm   F   Dm  F   Dm Verse 1:Dm Gm                         Am     I love the way you’re talkingF  Dm      F    Dm          F Dm     I’m loving what you’re doing boyDm Gm                    Am     I don’t fall easy oftenF  Dm               F     I’ve never had aDm        F   Dmlove like you beforeDm  Gm  I like you put your number           … Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Make A Wave

Intro:D G x2 Verse 1:A                         Bm                  They say the beat of a butterflies wings                 G            Dcan set off a storm a world away  A                              Bmwhat if they’re right and the smallest of things                  G            Dcan power the strongest hurricane Pre-Chorus:  A                     GWhat if it all begins inside  A                                 we hold the key that… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Brand New Day

INTRO: D Dsus4 Bm G A Oh ohD                      Dsus4Last year is old newsBm                                  GI’m breakin’ out my six string                                   AAnd playin’ from my heartIts notDDeja vu BmCause its another summer AThat’s how this chapter sta-a-arts  Bm                 I’m gonna run so fast that I can’t breathGCome along and follow meBm                                                     ALet’s make some noise we never… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Fire Starter

[Verse] D              A                  D    There’s an ‘S’ under my clothes        A                  DOn my chest where nobody else can see    A                            DI light up when the doors are closed     A      GI am free, yeah     A                      D       GAnd I wish I could make my move  A                              D     GI can tell that you’re really into me D                           Bm             AAnd… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

C                   DPutting my defenses up       Em                    G‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love     C            (stop)If I ever did that                           (Em)I think I’d have a heart attack C                 G              DNever put my love out on the line               Em             CNever said yes to the right guy                  G                 DNever had trouble getting what I want                          Em                  CBut when… Read More »

Chord Gitar Demi Lovato – Dont Forget

VERSE 1:           EDid you forget            AbmThat I was even alive           C#m  Did you forget      DEverything we ever had           ADid you forget           AmDid you forget       E    BAbout me VERSE 2:           EDid you regret       AbmEver standing by my side           EmDid you forget              DWhat we were feeling inside         ANo more left       AmTo forget       E    BAbout us CHORUS:    A        … Read More »