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Wiz Khalifa

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow

Dm   AmYeah ah haYou know what it isGmBlack and yellow, black and yellowBlack and yellow, black and yellow(repeated) [Hook]Dm     AmYeah, ahuhYou know what it isGmEverything I do, yeah I do it bigYeah ahuhScreamin that’s nothin’When I pulled off the lot, that stuntin’Rep up in my town, when you see me you know everythingBlack and yellowI… Read More »

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

Intro : Cm Bb Eb Ab Verse 1   Cm        BbIts your anniversary isn’t it   Eb         AbAnd your man aint acting right   Cm             Bb                Eb                 AbSo you packing your Domiar luggage up calling my cell phone, try and catch a flight You know one thing straight, I’ll be there girl whenever you call me When you… Read More »

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep

[Intro/Verse 1:]                     A                        Dlast night i let the party get the best of me                 F#M                        Ewakin’ up in the morning, two hoes layin’ next to me                A                Dplus i heard an officer arrested me                   F#M                                Egood weed and cold drinks, that’s the motherfuckin’ recipe             A             Dnigga and we roll deep, so deep                F#M                  Eit’s goin’… Read More »

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – When Im Gone

          Em                                   GAnd they say all I rap about is bitches and champagne,                                                     CYou would too if every night you seen the same thing                                      CMoney wall to wall, young famous nigga, spend it all, when you die you can’t take it with yaEmBottle of Rose if I’m drinking with yaGCause most niggas is broke their… Read More »

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

Chorus             Em   G       C          G  It’s been a long day without you my friend         Em          G                C        GAnd I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again              Em  G        C          GWe’ve come a long way from where we began         Em         G                 C        GOh I’ll tell you all about it when I see… Read More »

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – Hey Girl

D         E               Ahey girl whats your name                            Dim very very glad you came    E                 A       Dyour such a beautiful thing         E             Ahey girl whats your sign                               Dim very very glad you took the time     E                A        Dyour such a beautiful thing hey girl wanna let you knowwhats going through my head while im staring out… Read More »

Chord Gitar Wiz Khalifa – Or Nah

[CHORUS]Abm E x2I gotta lotta cashI don’t mind spendin’ it Abm                                       EImma smoke this joint then imma brake you offEI be lying if I said you ain’t the one            Abm                             EAll these tattoos on my skin they turn you onELotta smokin’ drinkin’ that’s the shit I’m on          Abm                                 EHeard you not the type that you… Read More »