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Chord Gitar Ellie Goulding – Take Me To Church

Gm             Cm    GmMy lover’s got humour                       Cm     A#She’s the giggle at a funeral                       Cm     GmKnows everybody’s disapproval                            Cm    GmI should’ve worshipped her sooner                     Cm     GmIf the Heavens ever did speak                     Cm      A#She is the last true mouth piece                        Cm      GmEvery Sunday’s getting more bleak                Cm    FA fresh poison each week                   D#                      Gm‘We were born sick,… Read More »

Chord Gitar Ellie Goulding – Your Biggest Mistakes

Am     C  Take coverG          AmSigns don’t showAm        CYou drove meG       Amoff the road     F       G    But you let go         Am      GCos your hope is gone    F              GAnd every question fades away Chorus.        C                    GIt’s a shame you don’t know what you’re running from           Am                           GWould your bones have to break and your lights… Read More »

Chord Gitar Ellie Goulding – You My Everything

Dm                  FCould have given me somethingF    Gm        C    DmYou, my everythingDm          F         AmYou left me kneeling, I—Dm                 FI was one of those peopleF    Gm C     DmYou, my everything DmFor what it’s worthDmFor what it’s worthDm            AmFor what it’s worth Dm                   FYou were my backbone whenDm                      F      My body ached with wearynessDm                   FYou were my hometown whenDm                            … Read More »

Chord Gitar Ellie Goulding – Wish I Stayed

A   Why Can’t we speak another language                 C#mone we all agree onAwhy when men look outside do they see houses                                  C#minstead of fields they grew fromAwe are constantly uprooted from them                                   C#mmaking us tiresome and fearfulAcan you get up right now                       C#mand endeavor freefall (off)                        ACaus’you can fall if you want to     Ait’s just… Read More »

Chord Gitar Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets

Intro: DmLike all the boys before, like all the boys, boys, boysA#                        GmLike all the boys before, like all the boys, boys, boys Verse: Dm               You left your blood stain on the floorA#           GmYou set your sights on himDmYou left a hand print on the door,A#                             GmLike all the boys before, like all the boys… Read More »

Chord Gitar Ellie Goulding – Too Much Love

intro     A7    E7   VerseA7Where’s that diamond ring you promised?E7My fingers looking bareA7Where’s that valentine, be honest,E7The postman didn’t bring it hereA7The thing I wasn’t looking forE7I found in your bedroom drawerA7The letter that you loved her better,E7                     Made me want you even, BridgeB7more Chorus              A                   C#mBecause too much love’s not good for you    … Read More »